Care Area

Please note: You will need reliable transport to get between care calls in your chosen town.

Please note that we don't have non-driver vacancies at the moment.

We require all new staff to pay for their own DBS's before starting.

All staff need a DBS check before starting work.

Brief information about: Care experience / willingness to train, care qualifications and any other useful information you can provide.


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Benefits to carers


Personal Care

Our core service is to help you or your loved one with all aspects of personal care, including assistance with getting up and going to bed, washing and dressing, and taking prescribed medications.

Activities and Appointments

From reading letters that come through the door to doing the weekly shopping, the Homestay Care team is prepared to go that extra mile to make patients’ days easier.

Assistance with Everyday Living

One of our care team’s goals is to keep you and your loved ones happy and active. We can make arrangements and accompany patients when they visit friends and family, go on trips out, attend social events, or need to make it to appointments.

Helping Loved Ones stay at Home

At Homestay Care Limited, we believe that keeping families together and outside of Care Homes is often the best way to ensure happiness for our loved ones. We want to share with you how we can help you accomplish this.